Nature focused Spanish preschool!

At Jardin de Mariposas School children acquire fluency in Spanish while discovering their world through art, science, music, construction and gardening. Our dynamic indoor/outdoor classroom inspires children to engage their innate curiosity and to create from their imagination. At Jardín de mariposas school children are greeted with respect and honored for their individual spirit. We create an inspiring environment for them to explore the world, find delight in each discovery and have the confidence and comfort to share their discoveries and ideas! We love to hear the children call out, “mira maestra,” and “tengo una idea,” as they play. Weekly visits to our vegetable garden allow children to discover and connect with the natural wonders around us. Come discover our world in Spanish!

Jardín de Mariposas is an organic environment where children learn to respect and appreciate nature and eat local CSA or JDM produce.

Lic. # 434413415